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Aerospace is a technologically advanced industry, that produces aircraft, space vehicles, missiles, aircraft engines and other associated components, certainly more so than the simple scrubbers and sweepers that we build. While much of this industry is geared toward government work, most of the companies involved have high housekeeping standards and utilize sweepers and scrubbers to maintain their areas.

Maintain Your Work Area:

  • The world's leading producer of large and small jet engines uses Factory Cat scrubbers to maintain some of their testing and assembly areas.
  • The Factory Cat scrubbers have the ability to clean up any spilled fluids off the high gloss floors, leaving them dry and ready to use.

"High levels of solvents and some heavy metals, with the wide open clean out tank, stainless steel components and simplicity of design made it easy to manage the contaminants for safe removal and make it simple for the operator. - JC"

"Riders have a lot of tank capacity and battery run-time on a small machine footprint. This provided productivity while still being able to fit into production areas where machining stations are close together. P7, double-siped drive tire for excellent traction / control of machine around expensive equipment and products. - KB"

"The high-performance cleaning capability that FactoryCat scrubbers offer is unparalleled in the floor machine market and ideal for the Aerospace market. Aerospace facilities typically have high gloss epoxy, ESD (electrostatic discharge) flooring, or polished concrete floors that require precise cleaning abilities. - JM"

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