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Aviation is a specialty field and Factory Cat cylindrical scrubbers are particularly popular in the aircraft hangars, where FOD reduction is so vital. The cylindrical scrub head on the Factory Cat battery scrubbers is able to sweep up the small debris and scrub floor in a single pass.

Keep Your Work Area Safe:

  • Reduce the likelihood that safety wire, electrical connectors or small fasteners which could have fallen on the floor, will cause damage to the aircraft's landing gear tire's or be injected into an engine.
  • Some of the largest airline carriers use the Factory Cat scrubbers to recover de-icing fluid after application, which avoids it from potentially contaminating surrounding soil or water.

"The simplicity and durability of our sweepers are well suited to help control FOD around the hanger or quickly and efficiently sweep large interior spaces. They work great on carpet as well. FactoryCat scrubbers can be customized by the factory to effectively clean and maintain polished concrete, painted or epoxy floors, or raw concrete. -JS"

"Operator is usually a member of staff with other duties. Our simple operation and easy machine care/maintenance make training easy to assimilate. Durable build gives confidence that the machine is a “good investment” that should have a long service life. Manager’s lockout for brush pressure is great for preventing damage to expensive epoxy floors. - KB"

"The FactoryCat riding floor scrubbers and walk behind floor scrubbers offer deep scrubbing performance to restore older damaged hangar floors yet balanced enough to offer delicate cleaning on shiny epoxy coated hangar floors. - JM"

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