Building Services

Building Service Contractors perhaps are the most dependant of any client on their sweeper, burnisher or scrubber's reliability. Where many applications view the machines as a piece of maintenance equipment, the BSCs look at cleaning equipment as "production equipment". Dependability is especially important for those accounts who attach financial penalties to failure to meet the daily scrubbing requirements in the contract.

We Provide Easy Business Solutions For Your Needs:

  • Factory Cat battery powered sweeper, scrubbers and burnishers all have heavy duty steel frames, to which all components mount with stainless fasteners.
  • Many contractors will frequently transport their scrubbers or sweepers in a truck or trailer, so Factory Cat scrubbers (rider and walk behind) all have convenient tie down points in the powder coated, steel frames.

"Competitively priced machine that is built in the USA, has the best availability of parts, and a great service network. - JC"

"Rugged build will hold up to high hours of use and being loaded / unloaded from work vans. Easy operation & manager lockouts allow for easy training of new employees. Low-Battery Shut-down / single point watering help prevent buying batteries prematurely. -KB"

"Building Service Contractors the world over seek after the FactoryCat product for its simplicity and rugged reliability. Both the walk behind floor scrubbers and riding floor scrubbers FactoryCat offers deliver cleaning performance and high productivity with large capacity solution tanks and top of its class scrubbing performance. -JM"

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Model: TR

Application: Building Services