Bulk Packaging

Powder and Bulk Packaging accounts deal with volumes of dust and material that is not found normally in other applications. Factory Cat sweepers have a unique "baghouse" filter, which has many times the capacity of a paper panel filter. Another advantage for our battery sweeper customers is the filters often last for years, saving thousands of dollars on replacement parts.

Keep Your Floor Clean with a Durable, Reliable Product:

  • Factory Cat sweepers on a daily basis are sweeping in plants that package cement, fertilizer, copier toner, paint pigments, baking soda and other fine materials.
  • The sweepers' all steel body is powder painted to resist corrosion from harsh materials like rock salt or fertilizer, and tough enough to withstand the use in a rough application.
  • The motors and charger on the walk behind and rider sweepers are totally sealed, so dust and dirt from the environment don't contaminant the internals.

"FactoryCat offers equipment that is easy to operate, cost effective, and works great in all the applications. -JC"

"Sweepers are seen as durable, high-value equipment. Permanent filter not only captures all dust but, makes the 34 / TR the most economical cost of ownership on replacement cost savings. Scrubber recovery tanks have excellent access and tip-back capability to make it easy to rinse solid debris from all corners of the tank. Spray hose allows for pre-soaking floors where products are caked on the surface. This allows faster, more effective cleaning. Time savings is THE best return on this investment. -KB"

"FactoryCat riding floor scrubbers are ideally suited for bulk packaging warehouse locations based on their rugged construction and available time saving options. -JM"

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Model: TR

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Application: Bulk Packaging