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Casino and Resort

Casinos and Resorts have unique cleaning requirements for their scrubbers and operate on a 24/7 schedule. Casinos normally offers and accommodates different type of gambling activities, so the need to scrub up tears (of sadness and joy) and spilled beverages is common. When used in near the bedrooms, the sweepers, scrubbers and burnishers must be quiet, so not to disturb a sleeping guest.

Keep Your Guests Happy While Not Disturbing:

  • Factory Cat's battery powered machines offer high performance scrubbing and burnishing, without the noise or fumes of engines.
  • A common floor covering in some Casinos is carpeting, which is ideal for Factory Cat sweepers.
  • Our walk behind and ride on sweepers operate with a whisper, and sweep dust and lint from deep within the carpeting.

"For interior spaces, our sweepers can make fast work for a patrol sweep and our disk scrubbers clean and leave the floors dry on hard surfaces. - JC"

"TR Sweeper is excellent on carpet. More than 20 times faster than vacuum cleaners AND does a better job, as the main broom aggressively reaches down into the nap of the carpet and lifts dirt out . MicroMag/Recon with Clean Caddy is an excellent tool in the large restrooms or stone lobby floors. - KB"

"By far the most popular item in Gaming and Resort facilities for the FactoryCat equipment is the dust filtration offered by our walk behind and riding floor sweepers. FactoryCat is the only company offering a nearly permanent filter with optional filtration at 0.2 microns which is 1/10th below HEPA filtration to deliver superb indoor air quality. - JM"

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