Federal Government agencies are very diverse in the world wide market and can utilizes our smallest walk-behind scrubbers and walk-behind sweepers to our largest Rider Scrubbers and Sweeper for the many locations and applications.

Factory Cat is Designed to Operate in Many Variant Conditions:

  • The equipment is simple to operate, simple to maintain and the durability of the equipment can meet any of the diverse application on military installations, Veterans Medical Facilities, United States Postal Locations and other government agencies.
  • GSA Contracts and Government Buying agreements meet the needs of these contracting operations of the various agencies.
  • RPS Corporation is a Small Business Concern helping government buyers meet their small business set-a-side buying requirements.

"It is well known that some of the best products in the world are made in the USA and floor scrubbers are no different. FactoryCat offers the government some of the most effective, most affordable, best built floor scrubbers and sweepers on the market today all made here in the USA. -JC"

"Made in USA products. Meet all safety standards. -KB"

"By far the preferred brand of cleaning equipment for our Armed Forces and VA hospitals is the American Made FactoryCat brand of floor scrubber and polishers. Both service personnel at our military installations around the globe and our veterans serving in the healthcare segment domestically all prefer FactoryCat. -JM"

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