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Health Care

Health Care companies have to meet the challenges of a changing market place, with a growing population seeking ever better medical care. To better serve hospitals and assisted care facilities, our battery powered scrubbers have been designed to operate with the least amount of noise and make water recovery a key.

The Need for Sanitary Cleaning Standards 24/7 in a Quiet Atmosphere:

  • Hospitals operate all day, every day, so our scrubbers and sweepers are intended for use in areas that may be active with foot traffic.
  • The scrubbers have good sight lines for the operator and standard headlights for visibility.

"In today’s environment cleaning our healthcare facilities is more important than ever. Many healthcare facilities choose FactoryCat machines to limit or eliminate the use of chemical strippers and maintain finished floors without completely shutting down hallways. -JC"

"Noise levels can be reduced by programming Central Command to reduce motor speeds. EDGE eliminates the need for using stripper. This allows patient rooms to be prepped and recoated during regular hours of operation and patients to be moved into rooms that use to sit empty until floor care could be done on night shift. -KB"

"I have seen a massive shift in healthcare facilities cleaning protocols to utilize the oscillating floor scrubbers and high gloss burnishers that FactoryCat manufactures. The orbital floor scrubbers that FactoryCat offers remove more floor finish in one pass than any other machine on the market thanks to the highest RPM scrub motor and heaviest down pressure. -JM"

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