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Retail locations for some of the world's largest companies are moving away from the cheap imported sweepers and scrubbers, and turning to our products which are custom and handmade in the USA. While known for the eye for savings, many of the large box stores have found the small premium they invest in our scrubbers pays off quickly with reduced down time and repair bills.

Clean Your Floors While Not Upsetting Guests or Creating Hazards:

  • The battery scrubbers and sweepers are quiet and operate without the potentially dangerous fumes from internal combustion machines.
  • With high traffic and 24 hour operation, our scrubbers and sweepers can work conveniently around customers, since a premium is placed on water control, noise and operator field of vision.

"Few things tell customers more about your business than the pride you take in cleanliness. Factory Cat floor scrubbers are perfectly suited to maintain your hard surface floors. If you have finished floors in a grocery setting and need to maintain the shine with top scrubbing and burnishing Factory Cat Edge scrubbers and our burnishers work great. -JC"

"Compact machines that can be programmed for speed-control allows for efficient, effective cleaning without risk of damage to displays and merchandise. -KB"

"The maneuverable FactoryCat floor scrubbers make cleaning around signage and different architectural designs easy while still having the power to remove heavy soils. -JM"

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Model: Mag-HD

Application: Retail