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Warehousing companies often invest in a scrubber-sweeper from Factory Cat, to keep inventory items free of dust while in storage or transit. We have seen a marked increase in the number of customers who are using the Walk Behind Sweeper and Compact Rider Sweeper (TR) to clean the inside of trailers while at the loading docks. While scrubbing is still the most popular answer for cleaning cold storage floors, we suggest customers consider a sweeper as well. In comparison to a scrubber, a sweeper may offer the customer satisfactory frequent cleaning results, and without the additional cost and complexity of scrubbing.

Keep Your Unique Warehouse Clean with Our Specialized Products:

  • Cold storage warehousing poses a unique challenge for scrubbers, as the clean solution used must be able to accommodate the temperatures without freezing - For which we have our "Freezer Package" option.
  • In only a matter of minutes, an entire trailer can be swept clean of debris and dust, allowing delivery of product to maintain the same standards that were first established inside the warehouse.

"There is a national trend in the warehousing industry to move away from internal combustion engines and FactoryCat sticks to what they know best, battery powered warehouse sweepers and floor scrubbers. Whether you are moving away from internal combustion for environmental, safety, or the inherently lower cost of ownership FactoryCat makes battery powered equipment only. -JC"

"34 and TR are very rugged and simple machines that are the lowest cost industrial sweepers. It is readily seen when the machines are opened up and the filter, batteries, charger and floating main-broom are easily inspected, maintained or replaced. -KB"

"The budget friendly FactoryCat riding floor scrubbers and sweepers are very popular in distribution facilities under 500,000 ft.2 for their cleaning capability and popular safety features. -JM"

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