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PILOT v2 Ride On Floor Scrubber

Cleaning Path: 25-29 | Run Time: Up To 4.0 Hours | Tank Capacity: Sol: 22 Gal, Rec: 23 Gal

Built for maneuverability our Pilot-HD battery powered micro ride-on floor scrubber is the toughest in class. Built on a solid steel, welded frame, solid rear axle and oversized tires the Pilot-HD stands alone. The small footprint and low psi on the cleaning surface allowing staff to clean in places most ride-on scrubbers cannot go. With the operator onboard the machine it is more maneuverable than a large walk behind auto scrubber. At only 48” (122cm) long and 24” (61cm) wide the Pilot-HD floor scrubber will fit easily on most elevators, through most doorways and turn around in narrow hallways or aisles.

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Pilot v2


Ride on Floor Scrubber

Cleaning Path:

25 - 29"

(63.5 - 73.7 cm)

Run Time:

Up To 4.0 Hours

Battery Life

Tank Capacity:

Solution: 22 Gal (83.3L)

Recovery: 23 Gal (87L)

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Handmade In USA

Machine Overview


Machine Dimensions
Size (L x W x H):53" x 31" x 57
Weight (w/o batteries):525 - 575 lbs
System Voltage:36 VDC
Standard Battery:175 ah WET
Tank Material:Poly 3/8"

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