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XR v2

Cleaning Path: 40-46 | Run Time: Up To 5.0 Hours | Tank Capacity: Sol: 65 Gal, Rec: 78 Gal

If you are looking for a battery powered ride-on floor scrubber for cleaning large spaces quickly, the XR v2 is built for the task. With large solution and recovery tanks, wide scrub path, and dual vacuum motors standard, this ride-on auto scrubber can clean large facilities, fast!

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XR v2

XR v2

Ride On Floor Scrubber

Cleaning Path:

40 - 46"

(101.6 - 116.8 cm)

Run Time:

Up To 5.0 Hours

Battery Life

Tank Capacity:

Solution: 65 Gal (246.1L)

Recovery: 78 Gal (295.3L)

Handmade In USA


Machine Dimensions
Size (L x W x H):77" × 43" × 59"
Weight (w/o batteries):1,200 - 1,250 lbs
System Voltage:36 VDC
Standard Battery:315 ah WET
Power:3.0 hp
Tank Material:Poly 3/8"

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