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Mag-HD v2 Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Cleaning Path: 29-34 | Run Time: Up To 5.0 Hours | Tank Capacity: Sol: 35 Gal, Rec: 37 Gal

Cleaning large area is what the Mag-HD v2 floor scrubber is engineered and built to do. With it's high-capacity solution and recovery tanks and battery pack options, the Mag-HD v2 offers extended scrub times and covers a lot of square footage per hour. Equipped with scrub motors more powerful than others, and wide scrub path options, the Mag-HD v2 will clean your floors better, and faster. Well balanced and very stable this machine is operator friendly and a pleasure to operate.

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Mag-HD v2

Mag-HD v2

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Cleaning Path:

29 - 34"

(73.7 - 83.8 cm)

Run Time:

Up To 5.0 Hours

Battery Life

Tank Capacity:

Solution: 35 Gal (132.5L)

Recovery: 37 Gal (140.1L)

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Handmade In USA

Machine Overview


Machine Dimensions
Size (L x W x H):55" x 26" x 40
Weight (w/o batteries):441 - 481 lbs
System Voltage:24 VDC
Standard Battery:315 ah WET
Tank Material:Poly 3/8"

Single Point Watering System

Ensure proper Electrolyte levels with this system that connects all batteries to each other with hoses.

Stainless Steel Cylindrical Deck

Stylish stainless metal prolongs the life of any deck by guarding against moisture and chemical. Our stainless design gives you a finished look from all angles. Since these are 100% stainless they will last a lifetime.

Touch Screen System

Swap out the toggle switches for a touch screen that does it all. Set up pre configured modes for cleaning and easily switch between them with the touch of a button.

Stainless Steel Hopper Only

Extend the longevity of your hopper with this all stainless option.

Stainless Frame & Undercoated

Stylish stainless metal prolongs the life of any deck by guarding against moisture and chemical. Our stainless design gives you a finished look from all angles. Since these are 100% stainless they will last a lifetime.

Hand Guards

Ensure operator hands are protected with these all metal hand guards.

Metal Recovery Lid for XL Tank

Heavy duty steel lid.

Drain Hose Extension 20'

Extend the reach on your machine drain hose with this option.

Oil Resistant Heavy Duty Hoses

These hoses are suitable for the suction and discharge of black fuel oils, gas and other oils with a low aromatic content, kerosene, paraffin, diesel oil, nepheline oil, mineral-based hydraulic oils, greases and tall oils.

Parking Brake, Dual, Manual

Two manually activated levers lock the wheels in place to maintain machine position.

Freezer Package

A heater is added to the enclosed control panel with a fan to ensure no components lock up in cold conditions.

Managers Lockout Control

Set the preferred solution flow and brush pressure then lock them up into position with the manager lockout key.

Switch, E-Stop

A switch to immediately stop the machine and end all activity.

Tape Switch Drive

A machined aluminum handle with switch handles for easy forward movement.

Auto Squeegee Lift

Vac switch engages both the vac motor and the squeegee lift assembly in tandem.

Tires, Drive, Pneumatic, Black

Keep rolling smoothly with these pneumatic black tires.

Tires, Drive, Pneumatic, Grey

Keep rolling smoothly with these pneumatic grey tires.

Tires, Drive, Non-Marking

Leave no trace with these soft grey non-marking tires.

Casters, Rear, Non-Marking

Strong tires don't have to mark up the ground, these are no exception.

Scrub Deck Shrouds 28"

Replaces the jaws with an easily removable shroud.

Scrub Deck Shrouds 26"

Replaces the jaws with an easily removable shroud.

Vac/Brush Flip Wand w/ Spray Jet

Spray down the floor, brush, and suck up the moisture with this all in one remote wand.

Vacuum Wand

Remote hand held vacuum wand for spot cleaning.

Spray Wand - 100 psi / 1.5gpm

Hand held spray wand with heavy duty 100 psi.

Spray Jet - 45 psi / 3gpm

Hand held spray wand with light duty 45 psi.

Vacuum Filter 0.2 Micron

0.2 microns is the most difficult particle size to capture. All particles larger or smaller than 0.2 microns will be captured at an equal or greater efficiency than 0.2 microns.

3 gal remote Tanks & Spray Wand

The Spray Wand Tank makes it easier than ever to clean hard to reach places. The 100-PSI handheld Spray Wand ensures desks, chairs, office supplies, doors, fridges, and other surfaces are affectively cleaned.

Green Antimicrobial Tanks

Molded with Antimicrobial Plastic pellets to inhibit mold growth on tank exterior and interior.

Sanitation Package

Make unlimited amounts of oxidizing solution with the Sanitation Package. Clean with chemical, clean with Aqueous Ozone, use the spray wand for hard to reach places and never worry about a moldy recovery tank due to the Antimicrobial molded plastic.

ZerO3 Onboard Aqueous

Replace your All-Purpose floor cleaners with one of Earth's powerful oxidizers- Aqueous Ozone. Easy to utilize in your daily cleaning regiment. Fill your machine with water straight from the tap and enjoy easy cleaning on the spot.

Suds Onboard Chemical Dilution

Add chemical to your machine without the need of pre diluting mixtures and measuring ratios. Drop in the suds reservoir, set ratio, and clean.

O3 + Package

Seamlessly switch between chemical and Chemical free ZerO3 with just the flip of a switch. We provide a sample of chemical as well as the proper squeegee blades for the ZerO3 system.

Delete Standard Charger

Export Machines have the option to remove the charger.

Onboard Charger

Onboard Universal charger for AGM battery setup.

Battery - Maintenance Free (AGM)

Spill proof, charge faster, no maintenance required. Simply plug and play.*Requires universal charger.

Battery - Lead Acid (WET)

The most economic battery on the market, tried and true. With proper maintenance the battery will perform as needed without fail.

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