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MicroMini Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Cleaning Path: 17-26 | Run Time: Up To 3.5 Hours | Tank Capacity: Sol: 10 Gal, Rec: 10 Gal

The MicroMini floor scrubber takes all the virtues of the MicroMini battery powered floor scrubber and adds more deck options on a different steel chassis. The deck options offer a wider cleaning path and offer up to the edge cleaning. The configuration results in a nimble, tough, and durable scrubber able to navigate tight quarters easily by any operator. Simple controls make running this scrubber easy for anyone.

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Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Cleaning Path:

17 - 26"

(43.2 - 66 cm)

Run Time:

Up To 3.5 Hours

Battery Life

Tank Capacity:

Solution: 10 Gal (37.6L)

Recovery: 10 Gal (37.6L)

Handmade In USA

Machine Overview


Machine Dimensions
Size (L x W x H):42" x 21" x 39
Weight (w/o batteries):215 - 315 lbs
System Voltage:24 VDC
Standard Battery:130 ah WET
Tank Material:Poly 5/16"

Battery - Lead Acid (WET)

The most economic battery on the market, tried and true. With proper maintenance the battery will perform as needed without fail.

Vacuum Wand

Remote hand held vacuum wand for spot cleaning.

Spray Wand - 100 psi / 1.5gpm

Hand held spray wand with heavy duty 100 psi.

Single Point Watering System

Ensure proper Electrolyte levels with this system that connects all batteries to each other with hoses.

Onboard Charger

Onboard Universal charger for AGM battery setup.

Freezer Package

A heater is added to the enclosed control panel with a fan to ensure no components lock up in cold conditions.

Casters, Rear, Non-Marking

Strong tires don't have to mark up the ground, these are no exception.

Black Tires Traction

Keep rolling smoothly with these black tires.

Black Tires Padassist

Keep rolling smoothly with these pneumatic black tires.

Amp Guage

needs description

Battery - Maintenance Free (AGM)

Spill proof, charge faster, no maintenance required. Simply plug and play.*Requires universal charger.

Granite Tank

Needs Description

Drain Hose Extension 20'

Extend the reach on your machine drain hose with this option.

Vac/Brush Flip Wand w/ Spray Jet

Spray down the floor, brush, and suck up the moisture with this all in one remote wand.

Switch, E-Stop

A switch to immediately stop the machine and end all activity.

Parking Brake, Dual, Manual

Two manually activated levers lock the wheels in place to maintain machine position.

Delete Standard Charger

Export Machines have the option to remove the charger.

Vacuum Filter 0.2 Micron

0.2 microns is the most difficult particle size to capture. All particles larger or smaller than 0.2 microns will be captured at an equal or greater efficiency than 0.2 microns.

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