Factory Cat offers an ideal line of floor scrubbers and warehouse sweepers for a variety of distribution type facilities. Due to the frequency of broken pallet chips, nails, spilled product, many customers now elect to choose one of our scrubber-sweeper combination machines.

Get the Right Machine for the Right Job:

  • Unlike traditional Sweeper/Scrubber units, these cylindrical machines can operate and sweep through a wet surface.
  • Old fashioned dry sweep / wet-scrub units invariably were most costly to purchase and especially to maintain.
  • Operators often backed up through water, causing problems with the dry sweep/filter elements.

"If you are concerned about product quality, limiting airborne dust, and general cleanliness, but don’t need to go overboard many distribution facilities choose our TR rider sweeper with unsurpassed dust control, wide sweep path, zero turning, and rugged steel construction. -JC"

"Cylindrical Scrubbers allow for single-pass sweeping and scrubbing of aisles. Side Sweeping Brooms allow for cleaning under pallets and racks where dust goes to “hide”. Many distributions centers dump their recovery tank in an area that has no water hose so, the Spray Hose is seen an excellent tool to help staff take better care of the Factorycat than other machines. -KB"

"The FactoryCat floor cleaning machines deliver consistently on light cleaning down our narrow aisles and also deep scrubbing in the heavily soiled dock area to remove tire marks left by fork trucks. -JM"

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Model: 34

Application: Distribution


Model: GTX

Application: Distribution


Model: TR

Application: Distribution


Model: Mini-HD

Application: Distribution


Model: Mag-HD

Application: Distribution