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About Us

Family owned since its inception 1986, RPS Corporation manufactures Factory Cat battery powered floor scrubbers and floor sweepers, walk behind and ride-on models, in Racine, WI, USA. From our humble beginnings with 1 employee and only the Model 34 battery sweeper we have grown substantially over the last 35 years, with a strong group of executives including the 2nd generation of family ownership, who started in the shop building machines as youngsters.

Our American workforce, many with over 20 years of service, hand build each machine with components sourced over 95% from American suppliers. We routinely pay more for these domestically supplied components required to build a superior product, quality matters. Our machine designs originate and are executed internally with our engineering team. With over 100 complete machine designs that have been put into production, this allows us to innovate quickly and incorporate improvements into our machine offerings. Each new generation of machines evolves from prior designs to amplify the strengths and correct any weakness. From the first pencil sketch, we focus on durability, serviceability, performance, productivity, specification, and value.

All design prototyping and testing is done in house where we can best control quality. Our investment in rapid prototyping technology and equipment allows us to turn ideas into functioning prototypes in days instead of weeks and months, expediting innovation. Our equipment we produce is heavy duty and requires a good amount of thick steel in the construction. We use a combination of Stainless 304 (Austenitic 18/8) and mild steel with e-coating + powder paint for corrosion resistance. Steel fabrication is done both in-house and from local domestic suppliers with additional cutting, bending, welding and other specialty equipment.

Our solution and recovery tanks are the best and have complex shapes that allow for our compact “tank-in-tank” designs. These designs are difficult to mold and are best produced with our in-house equipment and specially trained molding team. Running multiple, dual station, rotational molding machines allows us to produce very high-quality finished parts from raw plastic. Producing our tanks in house allows higher quality control and allows us to respond quickly to sales spikes and large orders.

Education of our distributors and their staff is paramount at Factory Cat. We offer specialized hands-on training at our facility for the distributor’s staff to assure each of them understand our philosophy and have the required knowledge and skills to provide exception customer support. We believe that properly educated owners, sales staff, technicians, and parts personnel provides a better experience for customers who buy our machines.

We believe that after sale support is even more important than the initial sale. We want you to feel as good as you do first day you own a Factory Cat machine in year two, three, four, five and beyond. To assure this, our parts department keeps an incredible inventory of service parts on hand so they can ship the same day they are ordered with virtually no back ordered parts ever. With our central location in the US in most cases you will have your parts in 3 days or less when shipped via regular UPS.